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off the bat, and we made news busters. >> how long before the gop gets a sense of humor? >> stephanie: i don't know we'll read some comment section because wow there are some zingers in there. >> i said the turtle -- >> stephanie: you were imitating john boner. >> what importance is context really? >> stephanie: we think both mitch mcconnell and john boner want to turn pour people into mulch. >> they probably do. >> there goes jacki hitting the pages of news busters. >> stephanie: here she is the incredibly biased, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the governor has signed the law that makes gay marriage legal. close to 54% of voters in november backed the ballot measure that reaffirmed a state law that passed earlier this year, the first offices opened at 12:01 am and in two counties they are starting to issue licenses. by 10:00 pm dozens of couples were already lined up. the state has a three-day waiting period. same-sex couples who were married in another state do not have to say their vows again. couples in maryland also can start gett
much years and years ago there was a guy that i dated for a while named buster. now, i don't remember his last name, but my daddy didn't like buster. every time that buster would come, my daddy would sort of close the door on him and come in and go it's buster at the door. i'm thinking buster was such a sweet guy, but that guy looks like buster at the door. >> i know my mother -- my father had no idea what buster wanted with me, you know? >> all right. >> i'm really actually kind of rooting for buster. >> there have been a lot of people who have been doing some really kind things lately, and we're going to talk about some that have been as a result of the shooting, but there was also this police officer, and he was driving down the street, and he pulled a guy over whose registration had expired. >> license plates, right. >> he says to the guy, you know, your registration is expired. he said, look, i had to make a decision between getting my registration and for my kids and stuff. >> feeding my family. >> the guy said i'm sorry i'm going to have to write you a ticket. he wrote the tick
's already won several giants post season catcher all star buster posey. [cheers and applause] >> and buster's back up 22 years old. did a great job. number 29 hector sanchez. [cheers and applause] >> well, there have only been a couple of pitchers in the history of the game and one is kristi mather son and started with one run or fewer. he pitched so well all the way down the stretch for the giants. ryan vogelsong. [cheers and applause] >> this guy was an important man adding depth to the bull pen during the long season. please welcome number 34 right handers clay hensley. >> well, this next guy grew up a giants fan. i think he dreamed of being here one day. how many great plays about he make for the giants? short stop brandon crawford. [cheers and applause] >> we missed him this year, but in the restaurant he was there. hard to miss him. number 38. brian wilson. [cheers and applause] >> what a performance here in san francisco in game two of the world series. he's still only 23 years old. giants starting pitcher madison bumgarner. [cheers and applause] >> i don't think we will ev
is wasted. it is santa's sleigh, no place for a lay. news busters call itself a christmas image viewers could not have done without, or could have done without. and the detroit news says it goes somewhere it hospital. it shouldn't. and my cousin clarence said it was sticky. anyway, they are talking about the samsung ad. >> santa, we made a video for your trip. you can watch it on your sleigh. there you go. >> thanks, elves. >> i also made you a video. >> you are so sweet. >> but you probably shouldn't watch it on the sleigh. say goodbye to santa, boys. >> bye, santa. >> the next big thing. it is disgusting. who could forget this one for mario brothers? >> i hope that was a purely natural reaction from the cat and nothing else. i want to go to you first. you have strong opinions about christmas. very, very emotionally. >> i also find fat men sexy, so you should come to me. >> can you defend this sick and depraved ad? i find it disgusting. >> what is wrong with you? here is the deal, santa comes down the chimney. he exchanges cookies for presents. i think we are all fully aware of what is
the billion dollar mark. where's the next frontier? block buster in the wick and hobbit due out this weekend, what that means for imax and the bottom line. a conversation with the chief executive coming up next in a fox business exclusive, and, oh, yeah, don't forget, "star trek's" coming too. ♪ >> i'm adam with your fox business brief, rally on wall street continues over optimism is deal will be reached to avert fiscal cliff. the michigan legislature voted in favor of two right to work bills giving employees and unionized shops the right to refuse to pay union dues. governor reich snyder expected to sign tomorrow even though thousands of people continue to protest outside the michigan state capitol building in lancing. it covers shops, but exempts police and firefighter unions. stub hub strikes out with major league baseball clubs and three are droppling them, yankees, chicago cub, and l.a. angels of anaheim no longer sell tickets on the website although major league baseball extended the partnership with stubhub through 2017. we continue the count down to the closing bell with the origin
into recovery with very little to show for it i might add. is it time to call in the fed busters to stop ben bernanke from messing with our economy? i like that. joining me nariman bear verb, ihs chief economist and steve moore from the "wall street journal" steve, seems like you are the guy that likes our ghost buster, fed buster guy. >> i was shocked by the decision. is this qe inifiti we're on right now? melissa: i don't know. >> we've had such a huge deluge of liquidity into the market. and the fed, a lot of people know this that the fed already owns about a trillion dollars worth of federal 30-year treasury securities on its book and it will now purchase 40 billion more a month. that is fancy way of saying what we're doing right now, melissa, we're monetizing our debt. melissa: yeah. >> treasury department is issuing the debt and federal reserve is purchasing the debt and purchases that debt by printing money. melissa: nariman, a lot of people expected before the announcement today they would say they're backing off. instead they said they will target the unemployment rate, you know as
cain, sergio romo and buster posey. [cheers and applause] >> well, now we have no chance after that. this has been such an unbelievable ride this year. all these guys came together early in spring and really believed in each other. we had an eventful year and we have romo being romo behind us, but this has been truly amazing and without you guys we wouldn't be here and you guys are by far the best fans in baseball and we got to all right that all this season and it's unbelievable and this next guy needs no introduction but we will give him one anyway. mvp posey. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. audience: mvp! mvp! >> thank you for me look looking around and seeing all the excitement and happiness on everyone's face you realize an accomplishment like this means more than just winning a game. this is about making memories with your family and friends to last a lifetime and i think we all know and believe that if you think something's achievable as long as you're willing to work hard enough for it and believe it can happen you can get it done and i just want to thank you guys f
buster posey. [cheers and applause]
] >> and make it around before buster posy gets you. is that's the respective for our seniors who are active and supporting us like rita semel and others who are helping so much reach out. and a person that i've just admired for so many years and had a chance for some years to represent her constituents when they had legal problems of evictions, and now it's about nutrition and about health and that's annie chung for the elderly who continues to be a voice for our seniors and joining in to say let's not forget those that promised we would have good housing, good nutrition, safety in our streets. allow them the respect that's due in their years forward. and we join everybody here today to make a commitment to our seniors that will be there to help you and never abandon what years of sacrifice you had for our city. annie chung from self-help for the elderly. (applause) >> hello, everybody, and thank you, mayor, for leading the way to let our san franciscans know that the season of giving is also a season of miracles. i think those of us here in this room with you always feel that, oh, my god,
security is also not the biggest budget buster. it really is medicare is the biggest long-term threat. but i think democrats hate a chain cpi adjustment less than they hate raising the retirement age for medicare which was a trial balloon we saw and provoked an angry reaction from the left. they may dislike this a little less than they dislike the talk about the retirement age for medicare. you make a good point. there's been so much focus i think appropriately on whether the republican party is capable of accepting higher tax rates and whether the tea party and the junior members of the house are going to stand their ground and kind of shoot down anything boehner proposes on that front, but you have to keep in mind, obama has got to sell it to democrats as well. you can't do this without democrats. so he moves a little bit boehner's way and then he has to worry about his blaflank on the left. >> let's talk about that a little bit. one of the other underlying dynamics we've been talking about is the democrats have the uner hand. if nothing happens, all the tax rates go up and then the
busters storm. just a few inches of snow on saturday. we will nail down the exact amount tomorrow. another weak storm on new year's day. we will get snow out of this on saturday. >> great. it could snow every day. >> you are one of the very few snow fence. >> thank you. i will take it. thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- hugh jackman, magician justin will
buster, a tactic used to delay legislation but republicans say the tool is key to protecting their minority rights. >> warner: on the eve of world aids day, ray suarez updates the hopes and frustrations in the fight against the deadly disease. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks analyze the weeks news. >> warner: and is the grand canyon 60 million years older than we've long thought? we ask science correspondent miles o'brien. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and by bnsf railway. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> warner: washington's clock ticked another day closer today to automatic tax hikes and spending cuts, the so-called "fiscal cliff". the president took to the road, while republicans warned there's a deadlock in efforts to reach a deficit deal. >> now, of course, santa delivers everywhere. i've b
right here in san francisco. [cheers and applause] . buster posey grand slam. [cheers and applause] outside there, yes! we saw the magic of the wonderful catch he did to save the out and jer nee affeldt and come up through the season and crow -- crawford saving the ball and all the pitchers and pitching their hearts out to zito to a felt and in comes romo . [cheers and applause] we needed everybody. we needed every skill. we needed that great team work so today in recognition of their second world series championship in three years i am proud to present the highest honor we have in this city, the key to the city and county of san francisco to the whole team of the san francisco giants. [cheers and applause] you know we usually give keys to individual dignitaries who have accomplished great things, whether it was the president of ireland or people like tony bennett who has contributed so many of their years to our history, or even a matt cain and his wonderful perfect game in san francisco. we normally celebrate those individual accomplishments but today we're going to break wi
that missed it it's a junior myth busters and they set up situations. we will set up a scwaigz. let's see if we can float a voak beatle and that is the stock and trade. when they say it's set up a bullying situation kids know them for setting up a situation and getting out of it so if we could run the spot. >> dude, what happens if one of us was a bully. >> we decided to do a bully situation and what was the best thing to do it. >> i played the bully and hate today. it felt awful. >> i was the one getting bully and didn't like that either. >> and i was watching and the best thing to get an adult. >> together we can make a difference. >> stop bullying. speak up. >> to the website and find out more. >> thank you. all that material and 30, and 60 and 90 second version are on the website. i am happy to answer questions and thank you very much for your time. [applause] >> so alice, do you tell them in the materials what to do, how to speak up? >> we do. that is thanks again to the advisors and worked with stephanie who is one of the folks instrumental in crafting the stop bullying. goff
extra. in the national play offs of life itself like buster posy we just hit a grand slam. this is it. >> central subway. >> it's been a long and difficult road towards a new and more inclusive transit system for san francisco neighborhoods, but we shall overcome. am i right? this is it. >> central subway. >> bless the construction workers and those that sacrifice so much -- you know who are you -- that san francisco can move towards a transit for the future and this is it and bless all of you on this wonderful day. thank you. [applause] >> before i invite the final speaker i just wanted to make sure i acknowledge senator mark leno for being here today. thank you very much. big champion for transportation in our state. steve mecher and thank you for being here. ongoing support. got the sf giants hat, yes. mike cureo and thanks for being here and the construction trades and we have been working with you to get the folks trained over the years. it's a wonderful time, and the chairman -- and the chairman of our san francisco metropolitan transportation agency who has been a long ti
. >> i'm sorry. >> and what is he doing? >> and i think he's a union buster. >> he's not nothing, not shouting. >> not him. >> and exactly. >> but if you look back on the last decade at right to work states, you have faster economic growth, faster payroll growth, you have faster population growth. it works for those states. >> and dagen, it's no fantasy, in nevada a right to work state, they have extremely high unemployment for reasons nothing to do with-- because of housing. it may or may not help and look, this is a public policy issue, do you want to support that unions will exist or not because-- >> in las vegas, by the way, organized, las vegas at the heart. >> the casinos. >> that's a big part of it. >> so, it's not a good example. (laughter) >> what about south carolina, what's the unemployment rate in south carolina? it's very high and that's a right to work state. >> neil: so your point, like your liberal colleague is that unions have had a point. >> well, i would say this, i don't think it's going to spread across the country. >> oh i think it will, i think it will. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 150 (some duplicates have been removed)